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Buy Undies, Give Undies is a community

After a trip to Africa, a first child, and the realisation that returning to teaching was more expensive than staying home and building a business - Buy Undies, Give Undies was born.
We run lean, have a very small head office and utilise ambassadors around the globe who promote the brand and run their own little business. We share ideas, support each other and each earn a little money while making the lives of children in need a bit better.
We're always open to expanding our community but remain selective about who comes on board. If you're interested in a home based work opportunity that delivers social benefits then touch base. We'll want a brief bio on yourself (or selves) and ensure to respond to the following:
# Why you want to get involved with Buy Undies, Give Undies
# Where your target market lives (we work geographically predominantly)
# How you would reach them, and
# What you've done to make the lives of others better
If we like what we hear we'll be in touch to talk a little more about you. We look forward to hearing from you and expanding the community.
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