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3 pairs, 3 times a year

£25 Including Shipping


This is what we're aiming for. Every four months we'll bill you, you'll get fresh undies and so will kids in need!


Simply choose the size below.

Size Chart



S: 29-30

M: 31-32

L: 33-34

XL: 35-36

XXL: 38


£25 every

4 Months

Buy a Pair of Undies

£11 Including Shipping


We'll send 1 pair and a kid in need will get a pair too.


Simply choose the size below.

S-£11 GBP

M-£11 GBP

L-£11 GBP

XL-£11 GBP


Buy a Set

3 pairs coming at you

£27.50 Including Shipping


We'll send the recipient 3 pairs of high quality, comfortable undies and 3 pairs will go to kids in need.


Simply choose the size below.

S-£27.50 GBP

M-£27.50 GBP

L-£27.50 GBP

XL-£27.50 GBP

XXL-£27.50 GBP

We utilise PayPal for our subscription service as it keeps our costs low and is free for you. Low costs are vitally important for us to be able to deliver on our aim to get new underwear to kids in need.


If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact us page to let us know. We'll send you further detail in your order confirmation.

Our 100% Money back guarantee is your confidence!