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"Great idea! Glad to be a part of it"

- Nic

"As comfortable as any of the $50

underwear I used to buy"

- Ken



Mens underwear

that gives back. 

Get great undies and support the health

and happiness

of kids in need! 


Look good, feel good

and do good.

"Super comfy, they're awesome."

- Monty

"It's cool to know my purchase supports kids who need it"

- Johno



At BUGU we're about giving. We partner with select, hard working, non-profits to help kids in need.


These kids don't have underwear. This spreads disease and for girls leads to time off school. A new pair of underwear, given because someone who's better off bought from us may be the only new item of clothing they've ever received. That puts a smile on their face and really, that's all we aim to achieve.


It isn't rocket science. You buy undies, we give undies. It's that simple.

"Cheaper but way better quality than what I was buying!"

- Chuck

"Really happy with them. Looking forward to my next delivery and being part of the community."

- Alex



High quality, super comfortable underwear. This is your underwear staple, your go to pair. They'll last well, wash well and if you're not happy with them, we'll give you your money back.



Our aim is to sell subscriptions where you no longer have to worry about the state of your underwear draw. Three pairs, three times a year. You can purchase a single or three pair pack but why would you when it's cheaper to lock in your support and

cancel when you want. All in a currency that suits you. 



Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.


our story

We're a social enterprise who believes in a better way to distribute company profits. We deliver on the following:

1) raise funds to help kids in need

2) do so by selling high quality men's underwear online

3) have some fun doing it

"A single gram of poop contains 50 diseases, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasites, 100 worm eggs and 10 million viruses..."

Brooke Borel, Let's talk crap: TED Talk



We're not trying to save the world. We believe you should buy a high quality product with a social agenda instead of a big advertising budget. We then spend that budget on kids in need instead of celebrities and models that are doing just fine without your money.

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